Date : Mar 4, 2019 - Mar 8, 2019



  • To provide the basic knowledge required for clinical applications
  • To describe all the basic principles (instruments, materials, equipments) and present the most used basic laparoscopic techniques
  • Hands-on training sessions to learn or improve performance of basic technical tasks in laparoscopic surgery such as intra-corporeal suturing and knots tying techniques, two-hands coordination for dissection, safe use of energy in laparoscopy
  • To describe results and potential complications of laparoscopic procedures


  • Chung-Wei LIN 林忠葦 (Taiwan)
  • Paolo MICCOLI (Italy)
  • Didier MUTTER (France)
  • Antonio D'URSO (France)
  • Chung-Ngai TANG (Hong Kong)
  • Sang-Woong LEE (Japan)
  • Raymund ONG (Philippines)
  • Setthasiri Pantanakul (Thailand)
  • Jon Paolo Chua (Philippines)
  • Wei-Jei LEE 李威傑 (Taiwan)
  • Yueh-Tsung LEE 李岳聰 (Taiwan)
  • Chung-Wei LIN 林忠葦 (Taiwan)
  • Hon Phin WONG 黃漢斌 (Taiwan)
  • Bernard DALLEMAGNE (France)
  • Shu-Hung CHUANG 莊樹宏 (Taiwan)

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