Opened up new horizon for minimally invasive surger

A better image for Endoscopic Surgery

Dusseldorf, Germany – Advanced 3D imaging technologies are revolutionizing the field of medicine. The new 3D endoscope visualization system provides depth perception and a precise spatial view of anatomy that cannot be achieved with conventional 2D systems. MonoStereo® 3D for endoscope is the first one to overcome the limitations of conventional 3D systems with superb compatibility of the telescopes and 2D system.

Constrained by budget, hospital perplexed by the 3D endoscope investment. It’s an irresistible trend, but it comes alone with a huge capital investment, complex assets management, and cost of obsolescence….. The plug-in MonoStereo® 3D endoscope visualization system is a smart investment. It allows hospitals/clinics to have a 3D visualization surgery with a minimized equipment transition cost. Due to the superb compatibility, MonoStereo® functions well with hundreds of rigid, flexible and others endoscopes, there is both no need to buy the new ones, nor to throw pre-existing endoscope, camera, and monitor away. It is a seamless connection, without any workflow change during the surgery.

As the depth of perception is critical to a successful surgery, but a long time unsolved problem in the predominated 2D minimally invasive surgery. The newly launched MonoStereo® 3D Endoscope Visualization System is not only providing depth of perception to surgery, but also embedding a 5 level adjustable perceptions to secure a clear and comfortable surgical image with zero dizzy and eye-fatigue for surgeons.

The system has been adopted by dozens of hospitals worldwide, e.g. Georges Pompidou European Hospital in Paris, New Jersey Medical School in Rutgers University, Hospital de Hautepierre, Strasbourg, etc. Since 2017, there is over 120 MIS surgeries with MonoStereo® 3D endoscope visualization system have been performed by hundreds of surgeons in ENT, Urology, GI, GS, GYNE, and VATs a year.

Diagnostic and interventional digestive endoscopy is a fast-growing mini-invasive alternative to classical surgical techniques. Dr Gabriel Rahmi, Medical Doctor specialized in Endoscopy at the Georges Pompidou European Hospital, spent several months to investigate the performance of 3D endoscope visualization system, he concluded with satisfaction that the MonoSterao® 3D seems to be helpful for the therapeutic endoscopic procedures . As endoscopic submucosal dissection (ESD) is a technically challenging with a steep learning curve Dr. Rahmi addressed with confidence that the 3D imaging will especially be useful for limited experience endoscopists to master ESD.