M. Afonso
R. Soares
R. Ramos
J. Balkesthahl
E. Andrade
L. Machado

Aims To evaluate the use 3D endoscopic visualization system to perform endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty

Methods Patients consecutively operated from September to November 2021 with a 3D-HD endoscopic visualization system (MDTK MonoStereo​; Taiwan) were prospectively collected. Patients' demographic data, preoperative anthropometrics data; operative time, number of sutures made, intraoperative and postoperative complications, and follow-up data were prospectively recorded and retrospectively reviewed. Additionally, a questionnaire was completed by the endoscopist evaluating the subjective impression of visualization and handling

Results Seven patients (age 27 to 52 years old, 3 male) underwent endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty using 3D-HD endoscopic visualization system. Mean preoperative body mass index was 33kg/m2, mean operative time was 52 minutes with a mean of 5 sutures (4–7) used. No 30-day complications were reported and patients lost 8% total body weight loss after 1 month. The endoscopist reported better visualization, better depth perception and no nausea with the 3D visualization system.

Conclusions 3D-HD endoscopic visualization system seems to provide potential advantages in endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty. This initial experience is promising but must be confirmed by larger series.


Publication History

Article published online:
14 April 2022

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