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MonoStereo has been developed as a stereo visualization endoscope system that extracts endoscope optical and object information of surgical field to build 3D relative structure.

The technology includes 2D depth cues information (ex. motion, shape and texture…) and unique endoscope design (single camera and one light source at same direction). Camera and light source coordinates present different light distribution to build stereo structure by high speed arithmetic units.

MonoStereo software can transfer monocular endoscope video with relative stereo structure into the left eye and right eye view for stereo vision. It’s real-time calculation on current frame to have 3D content. During the surgery, surgeon can use different angle of scope lens to see the stereo visualization and it also works on endoscope zoom or rotation.

Based on our technology, the monoscopic endoscope can use different angles(ex.30˚ or 45˚) or size(ex. 2.7mm, 4mm, 5mm…) scope lens from monoscopic endoscope system.

Combine human factor on 3D display to have more comfortable 3D experience. Due to the human factor and 3D experience, the disparity control allows users to operate longer on 3D mode. Further,2D/3D mode could be switched at any time.

The device should connect with medical used polarized 3D monitor. Otherwise, the display (ex. commercial 3D TV) may spend more (operating) time to show the video. During the operation, the surgeon can wear polarized glasses to see the stereo content on 2D mode.

MonoStereo can provide multi-formats for 3D monitor display includes line-by-line, side-by-side, top-and bottom to make it works on most of all medical-used 3D surgery monitor.

It provides full-HD image resolutions (1920x1080 pixels) on video output. If the device connects with lower resolution endoscope system may not have well stereo feedback, but it works with flexible endoscope resolution (ex. 1280x1024), keeping aspect ratio to resize on full HD monitor.


List of MonoStereo 3D features:

  • Available to monoscopic endoscope system and 3D polarized monitor.
  • Keep image quality and real-time calculate 3D endoscope video content.
  • Available to camera zoom and rotation.
  • Human factors: disparity control
  • Provide multi 3D format type.
  • 2D/3D mode switch
  • Small size endoscope and multi-angles scope solution
  • Flexible endoscope with 3D solution