Show Chwan Health Care System

The Show Chwan Health Care system has rolled on the great wheels of time, spanning 40 years, into a brand new era. Dr. Huang is president of the Show Chwan Health Care System in Taiwan, which he established in 1973 and named to commemorate his father. It represents an aspiration to show concern for the elderly, love the young ones, and care for everyone’s health. Show Chwan is a hand-in-hand “family” healthcare system with a current number of eight hospitals, including Taipei Show Chwan Hospital, Changhua Show Chwan Memorial Hospital, Chang Bing Show Chwan Memorial Hospital, Chu Shang Show Chwan Hospital, the pioneer country-run private hospital of Tainan Municipal Hospital, the country’s first country-run private hospitals of Kaohsiung Municipal Gangshan Hospital, Changhua Jen Ho Hospital and Yuan Lin Ho’s Hospital.

A trained surgeon, Dr. Huang earned his Master in Public Health degree from the Bloomberg School in 1996 as part of the Taiwan Health Elite Program. From medical to healthcare, President Huang Min-Ho advocates the spirit of “Mayo Clinic” by establishing a “sound rural hospital” system, bringing more perfect medical care and services to a wider public. As a pioneer, the International Medical Center was established in 2009, which provides treatment, clinic reservation, consultation, visa, transportation and accommodation for foreigners. Besides, the Show Chwan Health Care System paved the way for the Super Laparoscopic Medical Products Incubation Center in central Taiwan. The center equiped with the precision machining and A.I. technology of the science parks in central Taiwan with Show Chwan's own minimally invasive surgical technology to cover the entire supply chain by providing operating rooms, peripheral equipment, and other related services.



In 2008, Show Chwan Health Care System and IRCAD France established IRCAD Taiwan, a laparoscopic training center. It provides the state-of-art education models to Asian surgeons.

Professor Jacques Marescaux, director of IRCAD France, leads a world renown group of doctors to conduct lessons and hands-on training. The center once invited the two leaders in the field: Jacques Marescaux and Luc Soler, along with Siemens to Taiwan to discuss the future trend of minimally invasive surgery. More than 7000 doctors from Taiwan and abroad have been trained at IRCAD Taiwan, making it the top laparoscopic surgery training center in Asia. It is also the largest surgery training center in the world. This alliance brought 800 international experts affiliated with IRCAD/EITS to closer proximity of Asian surgeons, providing identical level of excellence in education while saving time and money in traveling.

IRCAD Taiwan is based on the same concept as IRCAD Strasbourg and equipped with the most sophisticated technologies, and has positioned itself as the biggest educational institution in minimally invasive surgery in Asia.

There were 7000 surgeons from 60 different countries have been trained to the latest minimally invasive surgical techniques in ircad Taiwan, supervised by 1 800 international expert surgeons. One of the visible contributions is the prevalent adoption of MIS in Taiwan. For instance, in 2008, when IRCAD Taiwan opened its doors, only 20% of surgical operations were performed using the minimally invasive approach in 8 hospitals. In 2018, 75% of surgical procedures were performed using a minimally invasive approach in Taiwan educational hospitals.


Combining the most advanced technologies and world-renowned experts, the ircad training center has been educating surgeons since 1994 in Strasbourg, France. IRCAD’s research orientation has always been directed towards the development of less invasive surgical techniques. The parallel development of a training structure was the logical extension of the groundbreaking work at IRCAD. Every year, there were 5,700 surgeons from all over the world are trained by a team of 800 international experts.

IRCAD’s international success led to the construction of a twin institute in Taiwan (Asia IRCAD – AITS) in 2008, under the guidance of M. H. Huang, President of Show Chwan Memorial Hospital. This mirror institute was created in Taiwan because of the sheer necessity of creating such a network in Asia, using its European counterpart as a structural blueprint.