Training Devices for Laparoscopic Surgery


You can create your own original training method

Training Devices

our design concept is



Training Devices
Our products have brought about an innovation in laparoscopic training

Industry-university collaboration with Center for Frontier Medical Engineering in Chiba University

The CNK stainless steel endoscopic needle holder received the New Technological Development Award of 2015 on April 27th 2016, from Japanese Society of Medical and Biological Engineering

The CNK stainless steel endoscopic needle holder for suture training

Training Devices

[Item#] ∙EYP2009S-CNK straight,5mm
■ EYP2009L-CNK curved left, 5mm
[Specification] -Product Material Stainless steel SUS630
■ Length 330mm
■ Weight 220g
■ Grip sintered with Tungsten Carbide
■ Straight handle with ratchet
■ No port for washing
Can not be used in real operation
The handle has been written as NOT FOR MEDICAL USE

Training Devices

The CNK needle receiver for suture training

Using straight handle specialized in suture training to reduce a burden to your fingers.

Training Devices

[Item#] -EYP2009F-CNK Flamingo-Jaw
■ EYP2009D-CNK Maryland-Jaw
[Specification] -Product Material Stainless steel SUS630
■ Length 330mm
■ Weight 190g
■ No ratchet for straight handle
■ No port for washing
Can not be used in real operation
The handle has been written as NOT FOR MEDICAL USE.
Supervisor Center for frontier medical engineering in Chiba University Associate Prof.H.Kawahira, M.D., Ph.D. Associate Prof.R∙Nakamura, Ph.D.

CNK Anastomosis Simulation Model

Training DevicesTraining Devices

[ Item #] CNK Anastomosis Simulation Model
[ Specification ]
■ Uarge Model: φ23×φl5×40
■ Medium Model: φl5×φl0×30
■ Small Model: φ 8×φ 5 ×25
■ Stand: 123g 75mm×75mm×75mm
[ Product features ]
■ A palm-sized compact model
■ You can set it to any position with wires
■ Various anastomosis practice can be done

Joint Arm Camera Stand

[ Item # ] Joint Arm Camera Stand
[ Specification ]
Max height: 300mm
Plate size : W 250mm xD 100mm xT 5mm
Weight : 640g
[ Product features ]
■ Can realize various camera angles
■ Can fix video cameras, digital cameras, and so on.
■ Can be set from low angle to high angle

Laparoscopic Stands for suture training

LapaSta has stand-style as opposed to dry box.

Light and compact design enables you to carry anywhere.

You can set up and train at any place.

Training Devices Training Devices

[ Item # ] LapaSta®
[ Specification ] ■ height: 210mm
■ Sucker: 070mm
■Weight: 175g per piece
[ Product features ]
■ Ultimate shape that eliminated the superfluous of dry box
■ Space saving design
■ It takes only 10 sec. for setting and putting away
■ High stability due to a suction cup
■ Insert angles can be adjustable to every angle you like

Double Layer Large Bowel for Suture training

[ Item # ] DLB20
[ Specification ]
■Weight: 20g
■Extremal Layer Size: 030mm x 026mm x 200mm
■Inner Layer Size: 025mmx021mmx 200mm
■ Material is elastomer, oil-free
[ Product features ]
■You can master suturing and knot tying skills

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Training Devices