MedicalTek Co., Ltd. (MDTK) strives to excellence in ingenuity and quality and is committed to continue delivering reliable and user friendly solutions to the health and medical industries. The company keep on focusing on the unmet needs that exist in the Minimally Invasive Surgery, to develop and manufacture the products that can be closer to the needs of surgeons.


MDTK is devoted to advance medical imaging of minimally invasive surgery (MIS). The MonoStereo® 3D endoscope visualization system provides an ultimate solution to the lack of depth perception issue in conventional 2D endoscope systems, enabling a quick and effective 3D visualization.

To ensure continuous innovation and quality improvement, we partner with international MIS experts, global IRCAD institutes and Show Chwan Health Care System for R&D and collaborate with world–class companies in IT, IC design, semiconductor and display for manufacturing.